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Fighting women harassment and discrimination in sports ...

EWA is not just a project,
She is an ideal.

She is every girl and every woman who loves her sport

Sport is a means of self-expression and fulfilment, as well as a force for citizenship and solidarity, whereas abuse, violence, and discrimination against women still represent insurmountable barriers to the establishment of the presence of women in our sports clubs. These barriers act on multiple levels (verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, organisational, economic, mediatic, ecc.) and are collectively perceived as a pervasive chauvinist culture that permeates the career of any female athlete.

This project aims to fight harassment and discrimination against women in sport.

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We will develop a community of female athletes, professionals, sport managers and policy makers in Europe to actively prevent and counter violence, abuse, harassment, and discrimination against female athletes in key sports environments, providing them with knowledge, education, and practical tools specifically designed by the project.

More concretely, the following actions will be developed together by the 8 partner countries of the EWA consortium (Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus):

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